Home Improvement

We work to improve existing housing conditions and to make housing opportunities available for low to moderate income individuals. Over the last ten years, CAI has participated in City of Buffalo Housing court as liaisons, helping homeowners deal with housing inspections and supporting them with identifying grants, weatherization, and home improvement loans. 



Human Services

Our human service programs include: resolving tenant issues; rehabilitation of owner occupied homes; property management and maintenance of vacant lots; senior services; and paper shredding events.

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Business Development

CAI aids businesses with renovation of commercial and mixed-use properties along Jefferson Avenue to continue our efforts to bring jobs and economic development back to what was once a thriving neighborhood. We collaborate with other not for profit organizations whose values align with ours to help educate and empower the community and realize our mission.


CAI leads initiatives such as the East Side Commercial District Program for Jefferson Avenue to rehabilitate commercial corridors and expand economic opportunities.

Jefferson Avenue